EKATERINA FURS is one of the best fur company of Russia, which holds great traditions of the past, but at the same time not step behind our time. With our product, you purchase a "part of The History", a famous brand and the material embodiment of the legendary art of Russian furriers.

The History of the company starts in 1912, when the first guild merchant A. Mikhailov, the owner of the fur factory and shops, building on Bolshaya Dmitrovka str., 11, the first and only in Russia "Fur refrigerator" - a warehouse for furs. FUR REFRIGERATOR persevered and became the founder of the Russian and Soviet Union fur school despite on all the turmoil in our History.

EKATERINA FURS was founded in 1994 on its basis the company with the same brand. This are large production company and network of fur stores and full customer service - from individual tailoring to the special fur cleaning and fur storage.